LSVT BIG- An effective rehab approach for treating Parkinson’s Disease

Bluffton Mobile Physical Therapy is very proud of the LSVT BIG program we offer for our patients in the Bluffton and Hilton Head Island SC region. This program is the Gold Standard rehab approach for addressing Parkinson’s Disease, parkinsonian disorders, and other progressive neurological dysfunctions. This program is centered on restoring the individual’s ability to return to activities they enjoy, such as golf, tennis, or just going for walks in the neighborhood. Recent research has found that this program is also very effective in helping our patients with a history of strokes. This program may be considered physically intense, especially for some of our patients who have been unable to participate in a such activity due to the severity of their disease. Still, it is the higher intensity activity that drives the restoration of regular quality movements. In fact, this program is a lot of fun and many of our sessions include frequent smiles and laughs from both our patients and therapists. This program allows our patients to regain hope for returning to activities that they thought were only in their past. This program is designed to include 4 consecutive 1-hour visits for 4 straight weeks and with 1:1 instruction from a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The patient additionally receives prescribed homework to be performed daily. The sessions may either be performed in the comfort of our patients’ homes or at our office at PULSEology Fitness. This program is covered by most medical insurance plans.  

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