Medical Golf Program

  • Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Problem
  • Identification of Injuries Associated with the Golf Swing
  • Golf-Specific Injury Rehabilitation
  • Communication with Player’s Golf Coach
Functional Movement Screen for the Golfer

Our Doctors perform a 16-movement pattern screen to evaluate and identify limitations in mobility and stability throughtout the entire body.

Personalized Treatment & Injury Prevention Strategies

For Golfers of all ages and abilities. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are certified by the Titlelist Performance Institute and have the knowledge to teach you to improve your golf performance by showing you how your body functions during a golf swing. After identifying your specific moement deviation, we then use specific physical therapy interventions to fix the culprit that is causing abnormal golf swing mechanics and musculoskeletal pain.

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Who We Are

We are Physical Therapy And Wellness

Orthopedic related injuries or pain
Neurological Impairments
Balance Deficits
Vestibular Dysfunction
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Cynthia Seidle

    Sean is dedicated to helping you heal and get back to a healthy active lifestyle. Very caring and wants the best for you! I came to him after going to another PT group following orthopedic surgery and he truly dedicated himself to my recovery. He is the only one I will go to in the future!

    Cynthia Seidle

    Abbi Roth

      I can’t say enough great things about Bluffton Mobile Physical Therapy. I was having some pain in my lower back and they were able to guide me through stretches and workouts to help relieve my pain. I always feel cared for and I am so appreciative for all that they have done for me!

      Abbi Roth

      Jane McKinney

        Such personalized, detailed service with results! Excellent communication. Was helpful to have the option for in-home care, or visits to Pulseology where more equipment was available when needed. Highly recommend!

        Jane McKinney